good kids

This video, submitted to NPR Music's Tiny Desk contest, is produced in conjunction with a Facebook live-stream of the same performance.


We are The nice ones


The Nice Ones formed in 2011 and are based in Millerton, New York. Vocalist, guitarist, and fiery preacher Patrick Surdam (colloquially Pastor Dan), virtuosic and amply-haired guitarist Sam McGarrity, too-cool-for-school yet old school bassist Dillon Morrison Halas, and savagely nondescript drummer Tyler Beaujon put on infectious and captivating live performances that demand attention from fans of Motown and prog-rock alike. It’s a challenge to describe the band’s music but what’s clear is its dedication to the craft. The result is confounding but appealing. The listener will enjoy. The audience will dance. Thoughts will most certainly be provoked. Marked by relentless DIY work ethic and unforgettable charm, The Nice Ones are gaining speed and without plans to stop.



Upcoming shows

4/13: New York, NY - Pianos

4/14: Lancaster, PA - LAUNCH Music Conference

4/25: Boston, MA - House of Blues Foundation Room

6/1: New York, NY - Rockwood Music Hall

6/2: Greenfield, MA - Arts Block (w/ Bujak & Ross Jenssen)

6/10: Millerton, NY - Spring for Sound

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