Big Sexi

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The "Big Sexi" music video, premiered Dec. 18 to launch, follows the release of the song as a standalone single on Oct. 27. "Big Sexi" first appeared on the Hungry Ghosts EP in May 2015, produced by the band and Graham Stone at Stone Studio in Lakeville, Conn. "Big Sexi" was mixed by Stone, who also offers guest background vocals on the track, and mastered by Bruce Winter.

"'Big Sexi' was written about a magical evening spent in a snowstorm," said vocalist and rhythm guitarist Patrick Surdam. "An unexpected guest arrived right on time. After the roads cleared and the rapture faded, the torture of separation began. It's basically a song about lust and how it wears many masks and can lead to endless craving. It's a 'Samsaric' lullaby of sorts."

"It's a favorite of mine for many reasons, some obvious, some not," said lead guitarist and backing vocalist Sam McGarrity. "It's a very guitar-driven song, introducing each verse with aurally complementary guitar passages that pair the following verses. The breakdown is also in that same vein, with effective distorted harmony accompanying the virile yet fiercely empathetic bridge lyrics."

"One of the not so obvious reasons is I get to sing," McGarrity added. "I love contributing additional vocals to all of our music and the background vocals of this song, although subtle, are necessary."

"Big Sexi" was composed by The Nice Ones, all lyrics by Surdam.

The music video was filmed entirely on location at Northeast Fitness & Wellness, Surdam and McGarrity's own local gym in Millerton, N.Y. The guitarists appear alongside bassist Dillon Morrison Halas, drummer Tyler Beaujon, lead actress Amy Morozuk and supporting actor Kealan Rooney.

The video was independently produced by filmmaker Alexander Harney. Harney is well known as the director of film and photography operations at Harney & Sons Fine Teas. Harney directed, filmed and edited the video. Zach Rudes contributed with screenwriting and Sarah Cuoco directed choreography.

The narrative follows a gym employee's (Surdam) pursuit of a gym member (Morozuk). The mood and cinematography switch from light to sinister throughout, embodying the playfully wicked dichotomy of the song and The Nice Ones.

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