Videographer's Journal: Tiny Desk "Good Kids"

Hey y'all,

Gabe here. The Nice Ones and I just wrapped up a helluva fun multi-platform video project for NPR Music's Tiny Desk contest. It's of the song "Good Kids" which will be on a brand new record coming out this fall!

The plan was to film the performance with a camera angle or two, plain and simply showcasing the sensational modern prog rock indie hit potential of the song. Then our resident four-string whiz-kid suggested something neat: let's stream the dang thing right on Facebook Live, too. Pressure's on.

So I set up Dillon's iPhone 6 (the most advanced among the group) on a tripod and clicked some buttons and next thing ya know we're viral. Well, getting there anyway.

All the while I've got my camera propped up on a God-forsaken bongo atop one of those tall, boxy music things that looks like an amp but somehow isn't, because my tripod is preoccupied with Dillon's phone rubberbanded and duct-taped to it, and I'm also putzing around with my inferior iPhone 5s filming grainy looking 80s cutaway shots. An intimidatingly futuristic looking audio recorder found its place somewhere in the midst.

Well friends these efforts and files converged for a product I think is kind of swell, because, for one, it's twofold! (Language is fun)

Watch the Facebook video captured live

Watch the video produced for YouTube

With that, I'll sign off and hope that you'll enjoy and show your friends to help launch The Nice Ones into super-stardom because gosh darn-it they deserve it!