The Nice Ones (2017)

Hungry Ghosts EP (2015)

To Be Frank (2013)

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The Nice Ones

by The Nice Ones

Tyler Beaujon: Drums
Sam McGarrity: Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals/Keyboards/Synths
Dillion James Morrison Halas: Bass
Patrick Surdam: Vocals/Guitar

All songs written by The Nice Ones except 'Know Better' written by The Nice Ones and Kyle Ellis, Mimi Ramos Harney and Kristen Panzer

All lyrics by Patrick Surdam

Co-produced by Graham Stone and The Nice Ones
Recorded and Mixed by Graham Stone Recorded at Stone Studio in Lakeville, CT

Mastered by Bruce Winter

All instruments played by The Nice Ones except piano on 'Siren Song' played by Graham Stone and backing vocals on 'Know Better' by Mimi Ramos Harney, Kristen Panzer and Graham Stone

Copyright 2017 by The Nice Ones


Hungry Ghosts EP

Hungry Ghosts EP is the second studio release by The Nice Ones. Its five songs expand upon the progressive alt-rock of the band's 2013 debut, To Be Frank. Hungry Ghosts captures both the light and dark sides of The Nice Ones, at times satisfyingly pleasant and at others satisfyingly not. The EP gets instrumentally and thematically heavier as it progresses from start to finish, and recording approaches new to the band are found throughout: guest vocalist Gabrielle Lakshmi adds female dynamic, experimental samples are playfully wicked, and the use of Moog synthesizers sets the Hungry Ghosts sound apart.

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To Be Frank

In the fall of 2012, The Nice Ones launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for their first studio album. Thanks to a wonderful fan base, the project was successfully funded and the band headed to Millbrook Sound Studios (Millbrook, NY) with producer Paul Orofino (Ahmad Jamal, Daryl Hall, The Cars) to record. To Be Frank was released digitally and physically on September 20, 2013.

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"Big Sexi"


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“Check out The Nice Ones cool style blend.”

- Kevin Bacon via Twitter

"The Nice Ones' chemistry plays out across two complementary (or maybe competing) musical impulses: the progressive and complex — interlocking riffs, chopped-up grooves, though rarely too busy to dance to — and Surdam's approachable, emotionally charged hooks and melodies."


"There is a myriad of styles within the construct of their all-too-brief five-song EP Hungry Ghosts. If you listen to songs like 'Ava' and 'Black Haired Stranger at the Charlotte Airport,' you can definitely hear an affinity for the Dismemberment Plan's more pop-oriented fare, while the slinky funk of 'Big Sexi' undoubtedly shows why they are welcome at Daryl's House Club."

- Chronogram

“The Nice Ones’ reluctance to fit a certain genre results in their awkward categorization as ‘progressive rock,’ a sonic hinterland that Pink Floyd and The Moody Blues once walked through.”

- Mainstreet Magazine (Millerton, NY)

“McGarrity’s guitar and Halas’ bass couple with the lyrics hovered between a love song and terminal cancer.” [on “My Marrow Moves”]

- Live Music News and Review

“...if you took Stone Temple Pilots, Mr. Bungle, and Joe Satriani... put them in a blender... add a touch of sauce... and BAM... The Nice Ones.”

- Fred Schane, Infinity Music Hall

“Each song on ‘To Be Frank’ has its own sound, while still maintaining The Nice Ones’ vibe. And that’s a good thing, because it keeps the album fresh with every listen."

- The Lakeville Journal


Daryl’s House Club, Pawling, NY

Infinity Music Hall, Norfolk, CT

SXSW [off bill], Austin, TX

Fontana’s, New York, NY

The Trash Bar, Brooklyn, NY

Wonderbar, Boston, MA

The Fire, Philadelphia, PA

Gypsy Joynt, Great Barrington, MA

Stella Blues, New Haven, CT

Sully’s Pub, Hartford, CT

TriArts Sharon Playhouse, Sharon, CT

Spring for Sound, Millerton, NY


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